“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”
John Muir 

Specializing in serving
non-profit environmental organizations

Non-profit organizations perform vital work in helping to protect the environment, and I strive to support these efforts. Learning about, understanding and assessing the needs of these groups are challenges I love to undertake.  Simply, I love serving non-profit organizations and the dedicated people who work for them!

Resource Interpretations (RI) was created to assist individuals and organizations to better understand complex environmental and technical concepts, and apply them to fulfill their needs.

Providing clear interpretation and application of technically challenging information is the primary foundation of RI’s mission. Our goal is to educate laypeople and project stakeholders in how to effectively apply science and technology to their plans and projects.

A variety of career experience focused on the environment…

My career path has included work in the consulting world, academic institutions, and a quasi governmental organization.  Assisting lake associations and managing an international invasive species collaborative have been recent activities. I have enjoyed working directly with stakeholders, laypeople, researchers, scientists, engineers and government personnel.

Let’s talk about your organization’s work and goals!


  • Relating watershed conditions to lake issues
  • Aquatic invasive species education and assessment
  • Support and assistance for lake associations


  • Technical formatting of documents, reports, and presentations
  • Assistance with technical writing and explanation of complex concepts and information
  • Support for project presentations and discussions
  • Training and presentations – in person and virtual


  • Project management, administration, and facilitation.
  • Effective communication of project results and findings


  • Liaison between organizations, experts and laypeople


  • Geospatial analysis and mapping – Quantum GIS; ArcGIS; Google Earth Pro
  • Application of geospatial maps in reports and presentations
  • Geospatial Systems review and selection

About Me

I formed Resource Interpretations (RI) to help fill the need for better understanding of environmental and technical concepts for local decision makers. In large part, starting RI was the culmination of observing and serving the needs of organizations throughout my career.

A background in project management complements the skills I have developed building relationships with clients from  all levels of government, academia, the private sector, scientific communities, utility industries, and grass roots organizations.

My career has presented many opportunities for me to use a variety of technologies to better understand and monitor environmental issues.

I’ve addressed many of these challenges (focused mainly on water resources and watershed sciences) and conveyed the resulting information through presentations, training sessions and workshops.

– David Carr

My business philosophy

Let’s keep this simple

Experience has demonstrated that the best way to learn the needs (and maybe problems) facing an organization is to listen carefully. After preliminary discussions, I will provide a clear proposal that addresses all tasks at hand, the approaches I will take, and why.

If I feel your needs are beyond what I can deliver, I will tell you early in our discussions and provide alternatives if possible.

Resource Interpretations understands common constraints often experienced by non-profit organizations. Keeping these in mind during project planning and execution is one of the keys to success.

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