Highlighted Projects

My career path in technical and environmental fields has included work in the consulting world, for academic institutions, and non-profit organizations.   Assisting lake associations and managing an international invasive species collaborative have been recent projects. I have enjoyed working directly with stakeholders, lay people, researchers, scientists, engineers and government personnel. 

Focusing largely on the non-profit sector, I provide project administration and facilitation services, technical support, and assistance to those that may be wrestling with environmental concepts, requirements and directions. My areas of expertise include project management/facilitation, training, and geospatial technology solutions.

Conesus Lake Rapid Response Plan, Conesus Lake Watershed Council (Livingston County, NY)

-Project Manager, Finger Lakes Institute

Provided support and expertise to the Council in executing their Invasive Species Prevention and Response Plan after the first positive identification of invasive starry stonewort in Conesus Lake. Work included assistance with writing initial press release, project planning and support, and training in identification and surveying for the aggressive macro algae. GIS map of project: Livingston County, NY GIS Mapping Services

Keuka Lake (Yates County, NY) Aquatic Invasive Species Assessment

-Project Manager, Finger Lakes Institute

Assisted in the development and facilitation of a SWOT style, two-part workshop for the Keuka Lake Association and its partners. The focus of the program was to encourage discussion and gather information assessing their collective efforts toward understanding and controlling aquatic invasive species, particularly starry stonewort. Ideas, comments and suggestions were captured and reviewed in a summary report with recommendations circulated to all participants.

The Starry Stonewort Collaborative (Great Lakes basin)

-Project Manager, Finger Lakes Institute

Developed and managed the Starry Stonewort Collaborative, a three year multi-faceted program to enhance the work of resource managers, researchers, and local stakeholders to understand and control the invasive macro algae, starry stonewort. Projects involved lay people, experts and organizations from across the great lakes basin, particularly the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, and Southern Ontario Province, Canada. Primary completed goals included: the design of an online library and curation of documents and videos about the invasive; identification and survey training programs for citizen scientist volunteers (remote and in person) from New York, Ontario, Canada and Indiana; and public webinar series presentations by experts attended by over two hundred people. By the conclusion of the Collaborative over 400 people and organizations were involved in the effort.

“David was instrumental in bringing together researchers, lake organizations, and other concerned environmental groups, and also helped us establish volunteer-based monitoring programs… His positive and encouraging manner gave us the motivation to take on a significant challenge and not give up…”
– Carol Cole, Starry Stonewort Monitoring Project Lead, Kawartha Lake Stewards Association

Owasco Watershed Lake Association (OWLA) Program Coordinator and Media Manager

Have provided technical and administrative services to support activities of the OWLA Board and Committees for six years. Ongoing efforts include management of membership database, point of contact and support of social media and website (in concert with website manager), organization administration, document and graphics formatting, production of group email and E-Flyers, and support of video communications and other technologies.

“As OWLA’s … Program Coordinator Dave is capable, reliable, and positive in his technical support of our water quality work for Owasco Lake. Dave also serves as OWLA’s point person with the public, and, with various OWLA committee members, … helps keep OWLA on track with its many watershed projects… . I feel fortunate to have Dave on our team.”

– Julie Lockhart, past President and current OWLA Board member

Geospatial Technologies

Completed over 30 years as an analyst and project manager in the geospatial technologies industry. Focus areas have included data development, land cover, resource, wetland, and bathymetric mapping, and development of decision support tools. Currently utilize geographic information system and related tools to present data and provide better understanding of concepts and meanings they represent.

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